Think Kit 2013 #2, Take a Poll!

Think Kit 2013 #2, Take a Poll!
It is day #2 of the project from SmallBox and email prompts keep on coming.  Today, the instructions were to run a poll. Think of an idea or question and ask your neighbors.  Today's prompt was great.  It pushed me into action where a question already existed... I just was not acting on it.  Below is the poll, the question, and the responses... enjoy.

The Poll

The question presented was, What is corporate culture? Below are the responses.
  • It's the people.
  • The atmosphere, the climate.
  • The atmosphere generated by the organization. It's a major part of the identity.
  • Everyone working towards one common goal.
  • Corporate what?
  • Defines who you are as a company.
  • The atmosphere that is created across departments in an organization.
  • Corporate culture... corporate culture... you got me on that one. Can I Google it?(IT Guy)
  • How decisions are made.
  • It's the essence or umami of that company, (@jebbanner)
  • The human side of a brand, a mix of personality, feeling & experience, (@sara_mc)
  • Corporate culture is what is measured in degrees of insincerity, (@robbyslaughter)
  • I believe corporate culture is built from a company‚Äôs employee/management beliefs and processes and the values they structure the business around. It entails the core values and mission statement, the environment/set up in the office, the comraderie of the employees throughout the whole company, what types of benefits and dress code are in effect, and the feeling that everyone has the same goal.
  • How people interact with each other in a company and what they value or believe.
  • The way individuals connect with the corporation.
This will continue to be an on-going question for this blog/site.

If there are any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.  Until next time...

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