Think Kit 2013 #5, Favorite Moments of the Year

Think Kit 2013, #5, Favorite Moments of the Year
Day five of Think Kit 2013.  This was a tough week on the home front to engage with writing.  All the sales reps were in town for our annual sales summit, which meant many meetings, dinners, all topped off with a Christmas party at The Alexander in downtown Indianapolis.  I am playing catch up with the writing prompts for the week.

With all the business activity, asking questions about memorable moments just did not seem to fit into the scene I was engaged.  To find willing participants I looked at my immediate circle of influence and decided to ask my kids Samantha and Tony.  The responses are below.

Samantha (age 10)

Question: What was your most favorite moment from this past year?
Answer: "Driving to Grand Rapids Minnesota to see family and going to the yarn store."

As a bit of backround, we drove to Grand Rapids, Minnesota to visit family.  During our visit we made a special trip into town to visit two different yarn stores, Yarn Works and The Yarn Gallery.

Here is a screen shot of YarnWorks.  The site is down, so the image is non-clickable.

Below is the website for The Yarn Gallery.

Tony (age 8)

Question: What was your most favorite moment from this past year?
Answer: "Going to the Science and Industry museum in Chicago and looking at the electricity displays."

Below is a shot from the electricity display area.


There you have it... science and yarn.  The two highlights of 2013.  

If there are any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.  Also, thanks to Smallbox for coordinating the Think Kit project! If you are interested in dusting off that old blog and adding some new super fresh content, jump in the conversation (#thinkkit) and signup for the daily prompts.. they rock!

Until next time...

Peace out doggies!