Think kit #4, Wisest decision you made this year?

Think kit #4, Wisest decision you made this year?
Day four of Think Kit 2013. The email prompt has been received and the topic is... "What was the wisest decision you made this year? Who did it impact? Describe your decision-making process, discuss the results, or just share a little learned wisdom." Okay, here we go, let's jump in.

What was the wisest decision you made this year?

The answer is very simple for me... quitting my job!!! On January 1st 2014 I have chosen to leave the world of the steady paycheck, gainful employment, the corporate world... however people describe the world of being an employee, I have decided to leave that behind.

For years I have watched others struggle and compete with each other to climb up the corporate ladder, while I have always felt like climbing down.  While others climb up, I am now at solid ground, jumping off the last rung.  It's a new world for sure.  Something this has been a goal since graduating college all those years ago.

Who did it impact?

My family.  I look at my two young kids and think... have I made the right decision?  Once, there was a very small feeling of anxiety.  That feeling passed and has not returned.  Over the past few weeks, a sense of hightened responsibility, focus, freedom, happiness, and excitement has been steadily growing.

Describe your decision-making process

It was the timing of a conversation.  I have been employed by successful entrepreneurs for many years.  Looking back.. it was all about learning the internet business, looking for a job where I could learn the deep technical skills that are required to build an online business.  At the time, I found a few project based firms to gain exposure with web design, but landing a job at EcoSearch rocked.  In the late 90's, here were two guys just killing it with a data mapping company in Indianapolis, IN.  Nobody was doing anything like this in the city.  It was so awesome, such an opportunity to learn how to take a website, take user input, create a product and sell it at a huge profit. get back to the topic.. it was just time to make the decision.

Discuss the results

The results are yet to be seen.  The jury is not out yet on the final outcome.  Is quitting a job the right decision?  I have no idea.  Here is something that has become very clear through experience... The future is uncertain. Failure or success are not guaranteed.  What is guaranteed is possibility and potential.  The possiblity for something new is now available.  By quitting a job... that creates space in the future.  Something new can now occur.

Also, risk is a huge factor.  I have realized that risk is always present, no matter where you are in life. In my experiences, risk has a correlation... rewards.  By sticking your neck out a little, risk becomes evident.  By sticking your neck out a lot... risk grows exponetially!  Now, I am not a gambling man... but a professional gambler once told me... "Don't be a flat better. Take a risk sometimes, go big and don't be afraid. Being a flat better is where the house wins." While on the topic, my grandfather John Houchens used to tell me since the age of six... "Do not play the other man's game. No matter what it is. If you play his game... you will lose, it's his game."


In closing, there are games everywhere.  We all have games we are playing.  The BIG opportunity is to completely change the game at anytime.  Everyone has this option, all the time. Also, this video is one of many inspiring messages that are out there on the topic of doing your own thing in life.  I especially like the comment at 1:35, "A company that was based on values, not just on making money."

Perfect Mr. Jobs!

If there are any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.  Also, thanks to Smallbox for coordinating the Think Kit project! If you are interested in dusting off that old blog and adding some new super fresh content, jump in the conversation (#thinkkit) and signup for the daily prompts.. they rock!

Until next time...

Peace out doggies!